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Train Operator Display

Train Operator Display (TOD)

Older train cars using Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) can benefit from our industrial compact flash temperature and vibration tested cards.

Older subway cars and trains still used host systems to control their functions.  These older systems use custom configured compact flash cards for storage of the operating system.  Due to the rugged nature of the environment, the bumps and vibrations of the tracks, the cards must endure the environmental conditions while still preserving the data.

While train builders like GE and Siemens  continue to manufacture and design new trains, older models still in use today require constant maintenance, repair and parts.

Aging host systems using older BIOS can only recognize small capacity compact flash cards.  Larger cards such as 1GB, 2GB and higher may not work in these older legacy systems.

Compact Flash cards Part Numbers:

  • PCDCF128MBI, 128MB Industrial Compact Flash Card
  • PCDCF256MBI, 256MB Industrial Compact Flash Card
  • PCDCF512MBI, 512MB Industrial Compact Flash Card

You may place your orders online at to test these cards.

If you are using a custom configuration and using these compact flash cards for more than just removable data, contact [email protected] for the correct card for your application.

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