Since the purchase of SiliconSystems by Western Digital, Compact Flash and PCMCIA Type II ATA PC Card form factors are no longer available as the SiliconSystems brand.

If you are still searching for these parts use our SEARCH feature on the left and Type in your suffix or ending to your part number and press ENTER.

A list of all capacities will appear.

Simply choose the correct capacity ranging from 32MB to 8GB and add to your shopping cart.

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EOL or discontinued from the original source does not have to mean a redesign for you.  Contact US!

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Additional information on SiliconSystems PCMCIA cards is listed below:

All of those “SSD-P” part numbers are EOL.  

Engineers and replacement part technicians still looking for compatible cards are urged to consider the PCcardsDirect’s “PCDATA” part number with their respective suffix.  This card offers the same functionality  as the the now unavailable SiliconSystems  cards.

Search using your desired suffix  ie, -3012, -3100, -3502, -3512, -3521…

1GB PCMCIA part number examples are: