SSDsDirect offers denfense contractors, military suppliers and solution providers the latest in Solid-State-Drive technology available on the market today. Products such as CompactFlash, CFast, PCMCIA ATA PC Card, SD, MMC, and SATA drives are all SSDs. The newest form of SSD is the micro drives and micro USB for embedded boot solutions for your device. Industrial flash for all Android Tablets.Flash Memory Guide for iPhone, iPod, iPad - Titan Channel Partners

In direct partnership with PCcardsDirect we are able to offer the latest flash technology available on the market today. Our SSD solutions for PC notebooks, Apple Macbook PRO our only a few of the methods how we can help you replace your old traditional spinning hard drive with the latest SSD Drive. Consider the PCDATA2048MBI-S with new controller technology as a perfect replacement card for Aircraft flight systems and now offering the PCDATA002GI-H for the UH-60M Helicopter.

Electronic assembly plants looking to integrate solid state embedded flash should consider mSATA. Using advanced wear leveling algorithms this embedded solution has proven to be the gold standard.