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PCMCIA Memory Cards

Having trouble locating compatible cards?

Review the selection at  Offering the latest in PCMCIA cards from 16MB to 64GB.

If you are looking to replace an older Sandisk, SiliconSystems or Kingston PCMCIA cards let the experts at help you.  With over 15 years experience in the flash memory market our memory experts are ready to assist you to find the correct PCMCIA card for you.

Older legacy equipment is predisposed to smaller capacities cards such as 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, and 128MB.

If you have already tested and found new PCMCIA cards to be incompatible with you hardware then let us suggest you visit  This site still offers older Sandisk PCMCIA cards in 8MB, 10MB, 48MB, 110MB, 220MB and 1200MB capacities:

Sandisk SDP3B-8-201-80

Sandisk SDP3B-10-201-80

Sandisk SDP3B-48-201-80

Sandisk SDP3B-110-201-80

Sandisk SDP3B-220-201-80

Sandisk SDP3B-1200-201-80

The unique Sandisk controller used during production of these cards make these cards very difficult to replace.

Another consideration is if you require industrial or commercial versions of these cards.

Industrial PCMCIA cards are temperature rated to -40°C~+85°C.  Shock rated to 1500G and vibration test to 15G.

Commercial PCMCIA cards are temperature rated to 0°C~+70°C.

Additional source of  information on PCMCIA cards can be viewed at

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Sandisk PCMCIA

Sandisk SDP3BI-16-201-80

Still using Sandisk PCMCIA SDP3BI-16-201-80, 16MB PCMCIA ATA Type II ATA cards?

As you may know these Sandisk PCMCIA cards are no longer available. Kingston and SiliconSystems PCMCIA cards have also been discontined.  Industrial grade industrial temperature cards are getting more and more difficult to locate due the the scarcity of SLC flash.

Industrial temperature rated cards are rated at -40C to +85C.

Commercial temperature rated cards are rated at 0c to +70C.

Industrial temperature cards, extended or wide temperature cards as they are know as too use SLC flash to achieve these higher specifications for temperature and read/write speeds.

Error correction is also common on these industrial cards along withe wear leveling.

Sandisk PCMCIA cards were the standard in industrial manufacturing for data storage and portability.  Using a proprietary chipset engineers wrote code that sometimes would only be recognized by the Sandisk cards.  As these cards are no longer available as new (See for a list of used Sandisk cards still available as pulls on the market today) we recommend you test new alternative Sandisk PCMCIA cards from manufacturers such as

These newly designed PCMCIA cards have a shock rating of 1500G shock and vibration rating of 20G and includes algorithms for wear leveling for longer life cycles.  These industrial cards include a 5 year warranty as well.

68 pin dual row PCMCIA cards are still the preferred standard of the military.  US military aircraft sill use PCMCIA cards to transfer and store data aboard the aircraft.  A variety of land base vehicles also use PCMCIA cards including tanks.

Purchasing samples to test is always a good idea.  In most cases you can return the samples in 30 days after testing.  Check with the customer service department prior to purchasing to review the return policy.

For additional information on PCMCIA cards contact customer service or post your questions and comments.