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Industrial SD


Industrial Carte SD Cards

Electronic assembly plants greatly benefit from industrial SLC SD cards.  When introduced in PCB assembly, product assembly, system integration and repair depot services, industrial SD cards greatly improve the performance and reduce maintenance over the life of the product.

When hardware needs to be serviced system downtime increases as does costs.  Introducing SLC SD cards into your production will greatly reduce data errors and memory failures.  SLC SD cards are temperature rated to -25C to +85C.  This wider extended temperature rating allows for greater flexibility in environmental factors.

U.S. Geological Survey equipment located in remote areas where temperatures will drop far below freezing, data integrity is important.  Protect your data and lower time between service by using SLC SD cards.

Industrial SD cards, small from factor, universal standard allows for easy portability of data.  Supporting SD mode, SPI, this 9 pin standard SD card offers 15G Vibration tested 1000G Shock performance.  USB readers can be used to download data from SD when SD card slots are not available.  Contact sales for quotes on SD card readers.

Land surveying equipment from Leica benefit from industrial SD cards.  industrial SD cards in commercial outdoor use provides the highest level of data protection available.

Public transportation, MTA authorities using industrial SD cards see greater reliability and increased up-time in equipment repair cycles.

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